What Is Collaboration Software and Why Do We Need It?

You collaborate with your business associates every day. Sometimes they are in the office, sometimes out in the field, sometimes across the globe. Each team member provides unique skills, knowledge and experience that help your team solve problems, complete projects, introduce new products or, in general, run your business. Without collaboration, there is no teamwork. Without teamwork, there is no success. Today, in order to collaborate, businesses utilize a variety of tools, including phones, e-mail, document libraries and discussion boards. Unfortunately, these tools are rarely integrated into one unified workstation, making day-to-day collaboration processes not nearly as efficient as they could be.

Introducing Boardwalk Collaboration Software: The Revolutionary Solutions That Works the Way Your Business Works.

Businesses want collaboration tools that reflect the way they operate in the workplace on a daily basis. If they have to adapt to the limitations or inflexibility of the software, they are not using the right solution.Boardwalk Collaboration Software is the first solution of its kind designed to adapt seamlessly to the way your company does business. How did we do it? We visited a wide variety of businesses and observed their day-to-day business processes, especially in the area of team collaboration. We noted numerous inefficiencies and bottlenecks that compromised their ability to collaborate efficiently and profitably, and we committed to solve those problems with a collaboration tool that speaks their language – Boardwalk!Boardwalk streamlines the tasks you face every day into one, easy-to-use collaboration solution that delivers the power of an enterprise system at a truly affordable price. With Boardwalk, you can say goodbye to the inefficiencies and limitations of your existing system and say hello to the most cost-effective, intuitive collaboration tool available in the SMB market today. In fact, this system is so versatile; it can easily serve as a development platform for virtually any industry.

Boardwalk Is Like Having Your Own Virtual Office

Once you put Boardwalk to work, this cost-effective, Web-based collaboration solution will become your 24/7 virtual office. The information you want can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser, enabling all of your collaborators to work “virtually” and securely as if they were all in the same office. That means no matter where you are when you log in, you’ll be able to access all of the latest document revisions, comments, status updates on projects and assignments, and search for any content you need to stay right on the same page with your collaborators.

Get Started Right Now with Boardwalk – It’s So Quick and Easy

Boardwalk’s installation is a breeze, completed in hours, not days, weeks or months. All you need is a computer and a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Word and you're ready to roll. Once installed, the system is so easy to learn and use, you'll be up and running in no time with minimal training. Plus, our no-hassle, low-cost seat fees make implementation virtually risk-free and your ongoing use of Boardwalk totally affordable.

Just Click or Call Today for a FREE Trial

Try out Boardwalk RISK-FREE and discover for yourself how much money, time and effort you will save with this revolutionary collaboration software solution. Simply Call us at 619.702.7651 or and we’ll get right back to you with all the information you need to start reaching profitable decisions quickly with Boardwalk. We believe that Boardwalk is one of the best business investment decisions you’ll ever make.